The OnGo Awards program, presented by the OnGo Alliance, recognizes innovations in delivering real-world OnGo solutions and highlights the market impact of shared spectrum in the 3.5 GHz CBRS band.

2023 Award Categories & Awards Timeline

  • Excellence in a WISP OnGo Deployment The application can be for any OnGo use case, with a focus on affordable, widespread broadband coverage in different environments (urban, suburban and/or rural). Partner submissions are encouraged, as long as the service provider is named. 
  • Excellence in an OnGo Private Network Deployment This category is open to OnGo private network deployments that have enhanced operational efficiencies. Eligibility is open to all deployments that demonstrate measurable improvements in client operations, showcasing the tangible benefits of OnGo technology in real-world applications. 
  • OnGo in State, Local, and Education (SLED) This category is open to all OnGo SLED deployments and trials that enhance local connectivity, digitize public services, support community driven projects, and improve municipal efficiencies. 
  • Excellence in OnGo Innovation This category recognizes creative and impactful use cases of OnGo technology that demonstrate exceptional innovation in shared spectrum utilization. Proof of concepts and trials are welcome to apply.
  • OnGo Neutral Host Architecture/Solution A NHN solution using OnGo. Any NHN architecture can be submitted (MOCN, MORAN, etc.) if it is in the CBRS Band an can provide coverage for multiple mobile operators. 
  • OnGo Device Innovation This category is open to all CBRS supporting end user devices with potential to support innovative customer solutions and drive adoption. 
  • Judges’ Choice Award 

2023 Award Timeline

December 12, 2023: Award nomination period OPENS

February 16, 2024: Award nomination period CLOSES

March 26, 2024: The OnGo Award Winners will be announced during a special reception at the March 2024 OnGo Alliance Member Meeting in Chicago, IL.

Do you have any questions? Please view the OnGo Awards FAQ

Submission Rules and Judging Criteria

  • Entries are to be submitted in English and must conform to the specified word count. All entries exceeding the word count will be disqualified.
  • Entries should include specific details about cost improvements, capacity, latency, or other metrics to highlight specific performance features. The commercial scale and maturity of the solution will be a critical factor in evaluating each entry
  • Judges will look at specific improvements over alternative wired or wireless networks
  • The awards are open to both commercial and trial deployments of OnGo; however, applicants will be asked to classify the status as part of the submission.
  • Supporting documents and videos are allowed, however the submission will be judged on the written entry and NOT on the supporting materials.
  • A winning entry should aim to include the following components:
    • Answer the “Why OnGo?” question. Why is OnGo the right solution for this deployment?
    • Demonstrate market impact and customer benefits (cost savings, quality of service improvements, revenue generation)
    • Define clear use cases and outline the deployment (commercial or trial) highlighting the benefits that OnGo brings to that particular use case
    • Reference customers when specified and include the lead solution partners
    • Highlight new applications, either technical or related to the business model

Please note, the OnGo Alliance board and its members will not be involved in the judging process. The team of Judges, led by Joe Madden, has full responsibility for judging the awards and settling any ties.

2023 Judges

The 2023 OnGo Awards will be judged by a panel of industry analysts with distinct expertise in the OnGo market. Please note, the OnGo Alliance Board and its members will not be involved in the judging process. The team of Judges, led by Joe Madden, has full responsibility for judging the awards and settling any ties.

Joe Madden

Chief Analyst

Mobile Experts Inc.

Ashish Jain


Kairos Pulse

Iain Gillott

Founder & President


Peter Murray

Managing Director

Mobile Ecosystem

Monica Paolini


Senza Fili

What the Judges will be looking for:

Interesting new applications, technical or related to the business model; Demonstrable cost savings; Revenue generation; Ease of use; Quality of Service improvements; Success and inventiveness; Market Impact; Provision in terms of delivery or package