Award Categories

Excellence in a WISP OnGo Deployment

The application can be for any OnGo use case, with a focus on affordable, widespread broadband coverage in different environments (urban, suburban and/or rural). Partner submissions are encouraged, as long as the service provider is named.

Excellence in an OnGo Private Network Deployment

This category is open to OnGo private network deployments that have enhanced operational efficiencies. Eligibility is open to all deployments that demonstrate measurable improvements in client operations, showcasing the tangible benefits of OnGo technology in real-world applications.

This includes: Large venues, Manufacturing, Logistics, Healthcare and other enterprises.   

OnGo in State, Local, and Education (SLED)

This category is open to all OnGo SLED deployments and trials that enhance local connectivity, digitize public services, support community driven projects and improve municipal efficiencies.

Excellence in OnGo Innovation

This category recognizes creative and impactful applications of OnGo technology that demonstrate exceptional innovation in shared spectrum utilization. Proof of concepts and trials are welcome to apply.

OnGo Neutral Host Architecture/Solution

A NHN solution using OnGo. Any NHN architecture can be submitted (MOCN, MORAN, etc.) if it is in the CBRS Band and can provide coverage for multiple mobile operators.

OnGo Device Innovation

This category is open to all CBRS supporting end user devices with potential to support innovative customer solutions and drive adoption.

Nomination Form

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